Final blog statistics – globalization at its best

By Dan Dracea

I was lazy throughout the semester and didn’t have any inspiration on what I should write here, so I’m hoping that this will make up for it, at least a bit.

I thought, since the exam will be in less than two hours’ time, it would be cool for me to share some statistics related to our visitors / readers.


Statistics regarding views gathered from different countries since the start of the blog

What do we have here? We have a list and a corresponding map of where our page views have come from. As you can see, they come from all around the world. Romania is the obvious victor here, since almost all of our friends and people who follow us are from here.

Remarkably though, there was a big number of views also coming from the US. The UK, Ireland and Germany contributed to our success as well, but considerably less than the before mentioned countries. Furthermore, we can see a huge list of other countries that stumbled upon our blog rarely, but did. We have views from the Philippines, Tanzania, India and Pakistan, as well as most of the European countries (like Finland, Slovenia, Belgium, Poland, etc.).

Is this a form of globalization? Yes it is. The fact that we wrote in English certainly helped us, but the basic idea is that the Internet is a “gold mine” in regard to this concept. Basically anyone can read what you say on such a blog, given that he/she somehow finds the way to get to our specific address.

On the Internet, people can come together in ways that are physically impossible otherwise, so it is a great tool in the globalization process.

It is quite amazing if you give it a good minute’s thought.


Dan Dracea is a sports journalist based in Romania. You can follow him on Twitter @DDracea.


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