Dans le Noir

The concept of “Dans le Noir” is very simple, dinner in the dark. You are served by blind waiters and eat with your hands. There are five restaurants like this in the world: in Paris, Barcelona, London, New York and Sant-Petersbourg.

It is a sensory experience where you have to trust the other. People will ask questions like: How I will know what to order or how can I get to the bathroom? The waiters will tell you the menu at the entrance and they’ll also accompany you to the bathroom.

In this way you’ll have the chance to put yourself in the blind person’s skin and try to use your other senses. It’s interesting that as you are deprived of the sight you tend to shout. Everyone can hear you but no one sees you so it doesn’t matter.

Even the food taste different. You can’t see its visual presentation. So why you don’t need cutlery?  Because it’s useless. As you don’t have the abilities of the blind person it will be difficult to find the fork and the knife. Plus in the dark touching your food it’s fundamental to understanding what you are about to eat.

In the end the staff reveals you what kind of food you’ve eaten. Some costumers are shocked of their low abilities to recognize the food but they discover that the funniest part of this experience is the actual interaction.

Adriana Nistor.






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