By Lena Ariño

In the society in which we are involved, the individuals play different social roles. These social roles are just standards of conduct “pre-established” that we play in different spheres. These roles can be represented in many occasions with a particular vestment, and usually with a uniform as we see in this video. But, how we understand the uniform´s connotations, what these connotations are involving? How we process it? And finally how we react to it? This process is called socialization.

Obedience comes from the social nature of human beings.

 Man is an isolated being, needs to interact and to be in contact with each other, forming organized social “bodies” that require organization and structure. This learning process was called socialization by Berger and Luckmann. Through socialization individuals learn and internalize all the rules of conduct and cultural values given. Individuals assume rules of conduct necessary for the society life, and society punishes us if we don´t follow them. We observe and reproduce the existing world order and we assume social roles as it, somehow, they were imposed to us.

It is important to mention the creation of collective identities due to the uniform. When an individual wears a uniform the rest of society expects him to act in a certain way, while the individual understands that, when he is wearing it, he must internalize these forms of behavior. So the individual acquires the identity of the group of people who wear the same uniform, leaving their identity, their personality and their own ways of acting to follow the group that he owns now. Why is so easy for us obey him?

The individuals obey because since we are born, we conducted a process of internalization of behavior´s forms, cultural values, social rules, etc. through the process of socialization. Socialization is an ongoing process, the individuals never fail to acquire the social values. The process begins since our childhood, where the school, family and peer groups exert a great influence on our behavior patterns. Therefore, depending on the environment in which we find ourselves, or social class in which we belong, the values acquired will be one or another. It is from this first contact with the socialization process where we begin to internalize what the institutions to which we must obey and turn into, began to distinguish those authorities on their respective uniforms.

The individuals are told since they are born that we must obey to certain institutions. If authorities, institutions and social rules didn’t exist, society´s regulation either, the individuals would act according to their own interests and the society would be in constant conflict.


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