Mandatory military incorporation. In or out?

by Pop Roxana Alexandra

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine seems to have a broader outcome than we have expected, creating a severe instability worldwide and a series of preventive changes. The last rumor that has shaken Romania is that military incorporation is on the point of being reintroduced by future legislative drafts.

Mandatory incorporation has been removed through law no. 395/2005 and once with this course of action the number of active militaries has dropped considerably from 300.000 soldiers registered in 2000 to 90.000 current members from whom only 75.000 are soldiers and 15.000 civilians.

The duration of military stage varied among 6 months and one year and included mental, physical and disciplinary preparation. To serve your country used to be a sacred duty. Nowadays, only one man from 40 (aged between 18-35 years old) chooses to enroll army in a voluntary manner. Although this, other countries have different approaches. In Greece those who don’t want to be enrolled, have to work for 42 months for the state while in Israel, all people no matter their gender enroll army at 19 years old.

Under the stipulation of the actual legal reglementation, military service has become mandatory only in three cases: war, military mobilization and military siege. Now, according to some recent statistics, in Romania are about 2 million people that are eligible to be incorporated. From this number will be omitted those with medical health problems, members of the religious cults, monkS, people sentenced through prison, those arrested or taken to court.

The update of this topic in public’s concern is owed mainly due to the military conflict which exists near our national borders and due to the fact that mass media have broadcasted incomplete information with reference to the existence of one legal order published in Monitorul Oficial which is supposed to stipulate in favor of mandatory incorporation. In fact, the legal order makes reference to the new model of the medical certificate that must be presented by people who decide to join Army to the enrolment commission.

Now, that the air is cleared and you know that you are not going to be incorporated soon, it remains some unanswered questions: Why don’t you feel the need to protect your country? In what way, Romania has disappointed you so much as to give up on loyalty? Is it time for mandatory military incorporation once again?






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