Top Secret

“Some of them have characteristics of saints and they are respeceted  such as saints by priests and thousands of Romanians who believe in God. But somebody  wants to keep silent on this phenomenon and, in particular, to ignore any steps to canonize them which would have been made by some circles of the Church. More seriously, the truth about what had happened to the people convicted of faith is still hidden, the victims are in mass graves that are not identified and without crosses at’, said Carmen Avram. 

The tv reportage ‘Sfintii Inchisorilor’ by Carmen Avram reflects due to the interviews of the people who are still alive and managed to survive ,a living proof of what has happened in the communism era in Romania. But the extermination regime has proved the opposite for what was intended. The priest Arsenie Papacioc said that ‘Communism has filled the sky with saints’.


* ‘In premiera’ was awarded for the third consecutive year at the New York World’s Best Television & Films

Catalin Itu


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