by Dan Dracea

As the title already suggests, this is a reply to the article written by Mircea yesterday. You can find it here.

Indeed, the Internet has exploded amid the fact that Austria won the Eurovision Song Contest. And rightfully so, since it was a thing that would definitely be marked “out of the ordinary”. I’m not going to talk about the contest and whether the winner rightfully deserved it, but about the human being that won.


Now, the aim of this article is to settle things straight, because I think there is a lot of misunderstanding going on. As Mircea stated in his first paragraph, Thomas Neuwirth (or as “she” is more commonly known as, Conchita Wurst) is indeed, a transsexual. A transsexual is, by definition, a person that identifies himself or herself with a gender opposite to his actual sex. In this case, Miss Sausage (as “wurst” is German for “sausage”) is a man that identifies himself with female culture, thus changing his appearance and coming up with his stage name and behavior. He makes use of makeup, dresses as a woman on stage, but incidentally, wears a beard. He is effectively, a drag queen. This is in no way ordinary, but it is neither ultra-rare.

Notice the fact that I didn’t use “sexual orientation” in any way up until this point. That, my friends, is another concept, totally unrelated to the ones I’ve talked about until now. Sexual orientation has to do with sexual attraction, and the four big types of sexual orientation are heterosexuality (in which a human feels attraction to the opposite gender/sex he/she is) homosexuality (attraction to the same gender/sex), bisexuality (attraction to both genders/sexes) and asexuality (in which case there is no attraction whatsoever; poor chaps).

Having said this and coming back to Conchita Wurst itself, one is wrong to judge him as homosexual, because we have no idea what he is attracted to. The title of Mircea’s article should have been “Trangender 1, Contestants 0,” if you wish.

Today’s society is changing pretty quickly, and it is quite common for these, let’s call them “sexual minorities”, to make themselves heard and noticed. Their numbers are growing as well, and Conchita herself is a prime example of their movement. She stands for “tolerance against a different life style, sexual orientation, or any kind of being away from the norm,” as she said in an interview back in 2012.

The night of the Eurovision Song Contest was “dedicated to everyone who believes in a future of peace and freedom.”

Good for you guys and gals!

This little chap is going to dedicate this night to beer and football.


Dan Dracea is a sports journalist based in Romania. You can follow him on Twitter @DDracea.


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