Speaking in Memestalk is Not OK

While out for a beer with some of my friends I noticed a phenomenon that is neither new nor something that has gotten worse recently. It was something that was bugging me for a while now, but I never given it any thought.

Until now…

The vast majority of the people at the table were using words or even phrases they picked up while browsing humoristic websites such as 9gag.com or reddit.com, in an unusual dialect, understood only by the people browsing the websites or in contact with the people using them. That’s one way of saying everyone. It’s like we’re back in the early 1900, but instead of French, we’re using bad humor and broken English.

But it isn’t all bad,

Well, it depends on your take of things. If you consider that homogenization of culture across the world is a good thing, yes. Make no mistake, this is the next step in Globalization, the Internet culture that’s so accessible and viral, everyone has access to a new trend in a matter of seconds.

For example:

S. Mom, do you know what memes are?

M. No clue.

S. Have you ever heard of the Grumpy Cat?

M. Yes, sure!

S. How?

Some of these memes reached a level of notoriety that could make even Miley Cyrus’ tongue jealous, jumping mediums, from the Internet right in the middle of our living rooms, on the TV. Like Grumpy Cat; the poor creature is constantly invited to Hollywood events and parties. Another example could be the “Trollface”, used whenever someone is doing something even remotely regarded as being mischievous. It has gotten to a point where people wear T-shirts with the symbol printed on them or try to emulate the strange smile in daily interactions with people.

Internet memes are spreading like wildfire (and make no mistake this is not news) drawing in more and more people to this strange phenomenon. Maybe that was the case with the French slang at the beginning of the century, or the use of English in everything from bar names and signs to our daily interactions. The fact is we are being taken over by a (sort of) new trend that is creeping from the depths of the Internet right in front of our eyes in mainstream media.

And by us I mean the whole world.


This sickens me…


Sergiu Țopan


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