Le Final Exam

by Dr. Whoifof

For your final assessment, here is what you need to consider:

First, throughout the semester, you had to publish a minimum of three items on the blog. These items should be at least one week apart. I will also take into account whether you have completed the publishing assignments that I required either individually, or to the whole class on various given deadlines. The worth of the publishing activity: 60% of the grade.

Second: the final exam consists of an oral presentation of your blogging activity, in which you need to make an argument as whether and why the topics you have addressed in your posts are relevant to our Intro in Social Sciences course. You need to use concepts and theories from your reading list and our classes to interpret what you have published. The worth of the oral presentation: 30% of the grade.

You get a starting and, hopefully, encouraging 10% from my part 🙂 in order to at least avoid YRW you can’t answer my question.



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