Homosexuality 1, Contesters 0

by Crișan Mircea

Tonight, the internet exploded. The Austrian contestant, a transsexual named Conchita Wurst, won the Eurovision Song Contest. A few minutes after the show ended, I checked my Facebook timeline and it was full of hate messages towards this person. What’s interesting is that none of the messages criticized the song (like people would usually say ‘this song sucks, it doesn’t deserve to win’), but everyone was bashing the singer for his sexual orientation.
The issue of homosexuality has been around for a long time, contested by most and accepted by a few, open minded people. Now that a gay person won an important music contest, the whole issue will explode. If in just a few minutes there were so many hate comments, imagine what this could turn into. Nearly a third of the voting countries (13 out of 37) gave Austria 12 points, which could mean one thing out of two: either those people went over the fact that the singer is gay and voted for the song, or the Eurovision is rigged.

What I’m trying to get to here is that we acknowledge these minorities and most of us also hate them only because they’re different. My opinion is that a person is free to chose whatever he or she wants to be. It’s not of anyone’s concern if their neighbor is jew, gypsy (unless they steal from them, but let’s not divert the discussion to stereotypes), hungarian (I added this category because, at least here in Transylvania, most romanian inhabitants hate hungarians even though some of them will never admit it openly), black, asian, or of a diffrent sexual orientation. I, for instance, wouldn’t mind having gay neighbors, as long as they mind their own business. We should accept these minorities as they are, because even though they’re different, they’re people, just like us.
Eurovision 2014 is the perfect example of how society has changed over the years. I doubt that Conchita would have stood a chance in this contest before 1989 (and even in the 1990’s). But now, people get more and more open minded, which in my opinion, is for the better. Of course, countries like Russia, where the communist mentality isn’t gone yet, didn’t vote for Austria. Maybe I’m judging too far and the russians simply didn’t like the song, or maybe they just wanted to give the points to their neighboring countries. Anyway, I think that Conchita’s participation at Eurovision is a social movement in itself. It’s the gay community giving us a slap in the face, showing us that sexual orientation has nothing to do with talent.
For those of you thinking that I probably smoked something before writing this, I’ll just leave the song below and let you judge by yourselves.



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