Who is messing with my mind? Anorexia.

Adela Morar

Teenagers face it, the crisis of not being liked by the majority and asking themselves the question: what if they are right that I am not pretty?

But then I ask you, what if they are wrong? Teenagers lose weight more and more in order to fulfill the perfection of society, a myth that becomes more transparent every day. We see them in magazines and we want to look like them. But once we are like them, we regret it. This is a cycle going on for many young people who ignore that reality is not permanent as we decide to change our lives for worse.

Though, how does it start and when do you get transformed?

The person with anorexia will put a severe pressure upon him/her by restricting food intake and will exercise more than normal. The resistance to change behavior will cause serious damages to the organism on the long term. The problem is, once the person reaches the level wanted of weight, the mind will already perceive the body as still being overweight. On and on, the disease starts from the conscious mind but ends up by failing miserably the body. Anorexia symptoms are ultimately attempts to cope with the obsession of achieving perfectionism.

In researches, it is said the earliest signs to diagnose anorexia are hard to distinguish from other health conditions or even side effects of certain drugs. However, specialists can tell if you suffer from anorexia or not. The most common physical signs appear to be as obvious to the eye the extreme weight loss and the thin appearance. This leads further to abnormal blood counts and elevated liver enzymes. Since your body already starts to work abnormal, you might find yourself with dizziness or fainting and even your hair and nails will be thinner than before. For girls is important to notice the absence of menstruation, as your body cannot produce the same amount of blood anymore. The irregular heart rhythm, the low blood pressure lead to dehydration of your organism and in a consequence, to osteoporosis, where bones lose calcium and you can end up with broken bones.

All stated above are only symptoms and a few consequences for the desperation of fitting in society, better said, in the stereotype of it.

You are what you eat, not what you wear, keep it in mind.










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