Appreciate what you have while you have it.

By PseudoNimeni

A few days ago, as I was back in my hometown, I went shopping for some groceries as I wanted to make myself some sweet healthy juice.  The nearest supermarket is Billa so I obviously  chose to go there. As I was heading to the exit, right after I paid my groceries, I noticed a messy young girl, around the age of 12, purchasing a bagel. She usually stays in front of the store begging for money, so she probably got some spare change.

The cashier asked her if she ate anything else on that day (it was in the afternoon) and she said no. I felt so bad because I knew I always had everything I wanted when it comes to food. Worst case scenario was as a student and I had to eat jam for a week.

So I did what everyone would have done (in a perfect world, of course).  I got back in the store I bought her some apples, bananas, bread, salami, milk, and a chocolate (on my mother’s money)

We always take everything for granted and we tend to forget to appreciate what we have. And we do have more than enough.

I bet you remember when your grandparents or parents used to tell you when you had to eat something you didn’t like (or worse, you hated it) “Others don’t have anything to eat at all”.

And they were right. I hate that we live in a world where there are children who don’t have a childhood at all, especially when I remember mine being so beautiful. 





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