Food not bombs! Movement

food not bombs!








Food not bombs! in Cluj-Napoca

Food not bombs! is a social movement which started in The United States. It consists of independent collectives who serve free vegan and vegetarian food to others as a protest to war and poverty.

Food not bombs! is now spread all over the world, even in Romania.

The ideology is that the government encourages consumerism and allows hunger to persist even is there is plenty of food to feed us all.

Probably the most interesting fact of this movement is that most of the served food is surplus food from grocery stores or markets that would otherwise go to garbage.

“We want to show people that we waste good food.” Says one of the group’s volunteers.

In Cluj-Napoca, for instance, “Food not bombs!” takes place once a month in PAC (Piata Autonoma Cluj) meetings.

From pumpkin soup to potato meals or baked apple, people who come to PAC can both eat healthy for free and have a nice chat. On the walls of the building where PAC takes place we can see messages as “ In here money is not needed and not wanted” or “Do not waste food” .

Food not bombs! and PAC invites everybody to participate. The basic idea of those meetings is to encourage people to solidarity and to spent less on things they discourage the concept of consumerism and the fact that people waste food.

“Anyone who wants to cook may cook and anyone who wants to eat may eat. Food not bombs! strives to include everyone.”

For further information about this worldwide movement, you can access:

Andra Florescu



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